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A Druid's Poem (and some Triads)

Allegory of Summer, Lionel-Noël Royer

(25 December 1852 – 30 June 1926)

A Druid's Poem

A blanket of stars shimmer across the black night;

around the grove the trees sway ever so slightly.

The moon suspended drips silver reflected upon the sea.

A flute plays a lilting tune,

and the stag and the hare dance on.


Hekate Soteira; Saviour, Cosmic soul and Soul of Nature.  

In the Chaldean Oracles Hekate is the ensouler of the Universe and of everything within  Nature. She is also the saviour who protects us while helping us to heal ourselves and to  reach henosis. 

Call on Hekate Angelos and those in Her service; Iynges, Synochesis and Telearchai.

Hekate rules over three groups of angels which may be called up when one needs aid.  

Necessary for a fulfilling life; an inquisitive mind, a calm body and an open soul. 

Being curious, calm and openhearted leads to contentment within oneself and within the community. 


To truly make changes in oneself there must be knowledge, acceptance and implementation. 

First one is confronted by what they need to change within themselves, then there must be acceptance, and then finally the changes must be implemented. 

by Nèamh



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