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The How and Why to Lotus' Book Reviews

From Endymion by Kurt R. Ward, illustration by Rebecca Yanovskaya

In 2022 I was gifted an utterly lovely book to review for Noumenia News, (Noumenia News is the newsletter of the Covenant of Hekate for which I am the editor-in-chief), and I absolutely loved doing it! Interestingly, that book, Endymion or The State of Entropy by Kurt R. Ward, ended up being an incredibly meaningful one for me as well. I am forever grateful to the author for sending it. 

After some thought, I decided I would love to offer to regularly review books in Noumenia News.  It's a small way I can use NN to help promote authors and their hard work. I wish I could afford to buy all the books but alas, as someone struggling with their finances, I simply cannot! So, the best I can do is to use my role and help share and promote. 

It was suggested to me it might be helpful if I approached various publishers with this request and hesitantly, (nervously!) I did. Fortunately, I had a wonderful response from some of the absolute best publishers of occult and pagan works which was entirely thrilling! And I am still finding new publishers who are willing to partner with me, which I find so exciting each time that connection is made.

 I started adding the reviews to my blog here as well, because Noumenia News only comes out a limited amount of times a year, and there was no way I could publish them all that way. In some instances, the book reviews will simply be linked back to my website if they cannot be included in full in the issue of Noumenia News.  I also publish all the reviews on Goodreads, Amazon and wherever else I can. Most of the reviews will be on this website but not all of them, some may be only in Noumenia News or on Goodreads/Amazon.   I may start adding more reviews to my personal Instagram as well. So far I've left a few reviews of items I really liked but haven't been too consistent. That may change soon!

Reviews in Noumenia News may be of books by CoH or non-CoH members and may or may not be directly related to Hekate. They will be related directly to occult, magical, or pagan practices. Books reviewed on this site will be of various topics and perhaps even fictional ones at times as fiction is one of my favourites to read!  

Lastly, if the book was given to me by an author or a publisher, it will be noted with a thank you at the bottom of the review. My reviews are honest and unbiased. If I do not like something I am sent, rather than a negative review, I let the publisher know and then pass it along to someone else who may enjoy it, asking them to leave a review for it somewhere.




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