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Book Review of The Magic of The Sword of Moses by Harold Roth

What a wondrous treasure this book is! It may be small, just 171 pages, but the knowledge inside is immense! It is truly packed with information, presented in an easy to understand way. I believe this book to be important for two main reasons. Firstly, it has great historical value as a wonderful glimpse into what Jewish magicians were doing in the past, and how they were serving their communities. The second reason this book is so important, it is a completely workable text. Previously copyists of the old grimoires lacking Hebrew skills passed on many errors. Then, when first translated by Moses Gastor, he removed many of the spells, making it a completely unworkable text. Harold has put the spells back in and as well, made the text completely accessible for modern practitioners.

What I especially enjoyed was all the background Harold shares of not only The Sword of Moses itself, but also about Jewish magic. And he doesn’t just share instructions, but explains the ‘why’ behind certain instructions. For example, how to purify while also telling us why purification is important. As for the spells themselves, there are healing spells, cursing spells, love spells and more. My favourite is a spell for wisdom! Whether you plan to wield the Sword yourself, or you are simply interested in magic within history, you will be fascinated by this book. Harold so easily explains everything, being clear about what is merely his own speculations, that after reading it one finds themselves feeling like they have peered into a window and viewed these spells being performed themselves.



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