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Blog posts here may be written by myself (Lotus), or may be written by other sanctuary members. Topics range from Hekate in history and in modern times, to aspects of devotion and practice, and to whatever else we may conjure up of interest to share!

I initially had comments closed to avoid trolls, but I am experimenting with having them open for a time because it can be so rewarding to engage with readers. At least unlike some sites, you do not need to be a member to comment, anyone on the internet can comment here and your comment will simply show you as a "Guest'. If you want to be notified of new blogs, feel free to subscribe below or on the 'Contact' page. Don't forget to add us to your safe senders list or check your junk mail.

There are many blog posts here which are reviews that I write in gratitude to the publishers that send me so much amazing hard work from writers and creators. These reviews are not biased in any way, but are my honest opinion. They also may be reviews that are not related to Hekate, magic, the occult or paganism as I have quite a few fandoms I enjoy! For more on the how and why I started doing reviews, see this blog post here:

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