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Sacred Grounds Of Hekate Potnia Theron

Artwork by: Simoni (Please do not share anywhere.)

Welcome to our astral space, The Sacred Grounds of Hekate Potnia Theron! 

This landscape includes a Sacred Grove, Garden, and Temple Grounds, all connected by a crossroads.

Our own understanding of the astral:
What is usually called the ‘astral plane' or 'aetheric (etheric) plane’ is an immense limitless place which may be understood (and experienced) differently by various people. It can be accessed through guided visualisation work or through spirit flight which may also be called, hedge crossing, hedge riding, trance journeying, shamanic journeying and astral projection. It is our own understanding that spirit flight takes you to the Otherworld, where there is a Lower World and an Upper World. You may go only in mind, or you may travel with your soul/spirit. A common way of entering these worlds is by a large tree, from the top of the tree you can gain access to the Upper World and amongst the root will be access to a tunnel into the Lower World. During these spirit flight journeys you may leave the astral and enter other worlds outside of it. In the astral space you can meet various guides, spirits and the Fae, and in higher realms Angels and even Deities. You can go for healing or to gain wisdom. Each world has many layers, and you can travel about as you will, experiencing many things and meeting many beings. This is quite a different experience from a guided visualisation which although it shares the astral landscape, is different in that you are entering a created space, and the experience is more controlled

When doing these visualisations, it is imperative that you start with the Sacred Grove visualisation. After that please do the Sacred Garden and Sacred Temple visualisations in whichever order you prefer.

After doing those you will have your own grove as a base and will have experienced and learned the landscape and can do any visualisations you find here on the site, which will all take place in this landscape. Throughout time there have been Sacred Groves to Hekate so we found it quite appropriate as a starting place. There will be a blog post about this subject shared on the site soon.

You will also find some exercises for anyone who is new to visualisations and for breath-work also.



Druidess Carl Haig

                                              A Young Druidess by Carl Haag (20 April 1820 – 24 January 1915) 

This is Ciara (pronounced kee-ra) and she is the Keeper of the Grounds and Priestess of the Temple. The name Ciara comes from the Gaelic work ciar meaning ‘dark’ and was used for those with dark features. We chose this name for her as a reflection of her features and of the night-time sky which inspires thoughts of the Otherworld. This name is especially popular in Ireland but also in Scotland and elsewhere. 
Ciara is a servitor and was created for the Sacred Grounds by David who graciously offered to help in our astral landscape project. He created her with Hekate's assistance and she was activated in the landscape by Sara.

Wikipedia describes a servitor thus: 

A servitor is an entity "specifically created by the magician to perform a set range of tasks".[1] Phil Hine writes that servitors are created "by deliberately budding off portions of our psyche and identifying them by means of a name, trait, symbol", after which "we can come to work with them (and understand how they affect us) at a conscious level."[2] 

Servitors can be created to perform a wide range of tasks, from the specific to the general, and may be considered as expert systems which are able to modify themselves to take into account new factors that are likely to arise whilst they are performing their tasks. They can be programmed to work within specific circumstances, or to be operating continually.[1] 

Servitors form part of a thoughtform continuum: from sigils, to servitors, to egregores, to godforms.[2][3] At the start of the continuum are "dumb, unintelligent sigils", which represent a particular desire or intention.[3] When a complex of thoughts, desires and intentions gains such a level of sophistication that it appears to operate autonomously from the magician's consciousness, as if it were an independent being, then such a complex is referred to as a servitor.[3][1] When such a being becomes large enough that it exists independently of any one individual, as a form of "group mind", then it is referred to as an egregore.[4] 

Servitor (chaos magic) - Wikipedia 


The purpose of Ciara is to be the Keeper of the Grounds and to be the Priestess of the Temple. When you are doing any of the visualisations based in the astral landscape, she may appear unbidden, or you may call her using her name and your intent. (Our Patreon supporters at any level will be given access to a sigil to which she is connected, and which will make it easier to call her. The sigil works to empower and draw her.) She keeps the grounds maintained and she may greet you and act as a companion or even as a guide. She may even be able to work as a go-between Hekate and visitors. She lives in a bothy (a hut) made of stones with a wooden roof covered with moss on the Sacred Grounds, tucked within the forest and out of view. Sometimes you may see the swirling trail of smoke from the fire at her hearth rising up above the treeline to the North. 
This is somewhat experimental so until everything has been going for a bit, we will not know exactly how she will be able to interact with visitors to the grounds. From our understanding this is a somewhat unconventional way to make use of a servitor and so may need some tweaks along the way! 
In order to keep her from fading away, she will need to be ‘fed’ regularly. This can be done simply by expressing gratitude to her if you meet her on the grounds. It will also be done regularly on the Dark Moon each month where we each will perform a rite on the grounds for Hekate and which will include Ciara. (A short version will be available for everyone; a longer version will be shared with our patrons.) Anyone is welcome to ‘feed’ her with their gratitude or with an offering gift when they meet her. The more people that do it, the stronger she will become! 


This has been a thrilling project and we are so excited with the results thus far! This project started as a small seed of an idea that Lotus had been sitting on for a very long time, from when the sanctuary was first created actually, until it was shared with Sara and was finally able to become a reality due to our shared enthusiasm and inspiration. The project was then shared with another group within the Covenant of Hekate with the invitation for them to contribute to the project. Visualisations were all created by Sara & Lotus, visualisations created by anyone else and shared here will be noted with their first name. The visualisations all share the same intro and outros, as well as a similar, if not the same, description of walking to the crossroads in order to keep everything homogeneous.

The Temple of Hekate Potnia Theron

Close up detail of the Temple space.

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