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Would you like to support the work of the sanctuary and help us with website fees, as well as with purchasing candles and offerings? You can do so over at Patreon, and it would be most gratefully appreciated! Lotus also offers tarot/oracle card readings for subscribers! We are working towards more content being available over there, as well as of course, for the website.

We also would eventually like to each purchase just the perfect statue for the sanctuary altars.

(The sanctuary itself is virtual but each of us do have an altar representational of the sanctuary set up in our respective homes in order to do prayer requests and for rites etc.)

At this point there are no statues of Hekate with animal heads, we hope that will change very soon! 

If you prefer you can make a single donation to the sanctuary through Paypal. Click the button below.

Miranda The Tempest John William Waterhouse
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