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About Sara 

Despite being raised Christian Catholic in a small Italian countryside town, I’ve always felt a calling to Nature and felt a deep connection with the Greek-Roman pantheon. Since I can remember, I’ve always been interested in the esoteric and witchcraft, and apparently the Craft was interested in me since I found my first tarot deck all wrapped up as a gift in a chocolate Easter egg*.  

Since childhood I’ve been intrigued by history and mythology, by plants and their medicinal use, moon phases and the night sky. I loved to walk in my little garden during the nighttime, trying to learn about the stars and following bats around. In the late 90s I approached Wicca and got familiar with the first rituals and spells. I read Crowley, different Italian writers and I explored Ceremonial Magick and the Grimoires.  


Thanks to a trip to France, I ended up in Broceliande, a forest connected with the legends of King Arthur, Merlin and the Lady of the Lake. Thus, my interest in Druidry and the Celtic Pantheon fully emerged along with a newly found passion for the Avalon Tradition. I read Gimbutas, Murray, Frazer.  


Druidesse by Lionel Royer, Salon d'Hiver, c.1910

Being fascinated by the past, I decided to become an archeologist; so, during high-school I studied ancient Greek and Latin, Philosophy and Literature. In college I decided to cheat on History with Art, and I studied the History of Art, Iconology and Iconography - learning to truly understand the power of images and symbols, and how they travel across the centuries. 


In my late 20s, after going through a very difficult period in my personal life, I entered a terrible spiritual crisis and I decided to abandon my path. I threw away almost all my books and I lost all my interest in the supernatural. Luckily Hekate didn’t lose interest in me, and when I tried to ignore the signs, Her voice became so loud that it was impossible for me to keep avoiding the call.  

I started to study again; first on my own, then with a Priestess of Avalon, and finally enrolling in the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD). In the beginning, living in Paris, a big city, I struggled in finding my connection with the land, with its Spirits and with Nature. I felt a bit lost, but I kept going and little by little I noticed that as all the pieces of my soul came back together, so did my magical skills. The River of Paris, the goddess Sequana, helped me in reconnecting with Mother Earth and my ancestors, and Hekate guided me out of the dark cave in which I had put myself years ago. Her torches never left me, and She is now my main Deity. I explored Her history and Her role in Greek mythology, in the PGM and in the Chaldean Oracles. 


 I continue to develop my ever-evolving devotion rooted in Druidry; fueled by magickal practice and astral journeys. I am very eclectic, and today my studies include different traditions. Being always respectful of the differences, I do love to follow my curiosity and explore new fields, because it is in those differences that lay the authentic beauty of our amazing world. 


In 2022 I joined the Covenant of Hekate where I finally met Lotus, now my guide on the Torchbearers’ path. Thanks to the Sanctuary of Hekate Potnia Theron I finally have a place where I can share my devotion for Hekate as the Lady of the Animals and the Soul of the Cosmos. My wish is to help other people connect with the Goddess; in a safe astral space, in their hearts, and in their houses - sharing with other devotees my experiences and knowledge. 

* Easter eggs are an Italian tradition. They are quite big eggs made of chocolate and you find a little gift in them. 

possible hekate statue for temple but all animal heads (1).jpg

Image from page 871 of Hieroglyphica, sive, De sacris Aegyptiorvm aliarvmqve gentivm literis commentarij (1575)

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