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William Blake’s ‘The Night of Enitharmon's Joy’ also known as ‘Hecate’ though it is technically not as Blake entirely created his own mythology. 1795, Tate Gallery, London 

image above: William Blake’s ‘The Night of Enitharmon's Joy’ also known as ‘Hecate’ though it is not, Blake entirely created his own mythology. 1795, Tate Gallery, London

About Lotus

I’ve been interested in the esoteric ever since I can remember. I started out with a bit of Wiccan based witchcraft in the 80's as a teenager, and I still recall the wonder I felt browsing books in an early occult book shop in Victoria. In the 80's of course there was no internet, thus no ability to have everything at the tip of one's fingers, thus a real limitation on what was available.

Besides being a broke teenager who lived on the streets at that time, which means my ability to buy books was severely limited as well!


Mostly I recall reading Wiccan based books and some Aleister Crowley which definitely sparked something. It was astounding to me when I got my first computer in the early 2000s to understand how much wider and more complex the occult world really is. At that time though, back in my teens, I suppose I didn't find what I was looking for and so by age 20 ended up immersed in Tibetan Buddhism, life-changing teachings that will forever be with me. Eventually though I found I missed having a spiritual practice with a deep connection with nature, a practice being connected with the land. And year by year I found myself becoming irritated at the insistence in Buddhism that animal lives are lower than human ones. That has never rung true to me. I also longed for connection with my own ancestors and culture(s) and thus, with the assistance of that first computer, I delved back into paganism and the occult. Some amazing synchronicities and even physical healing has happened since that time, so I know I continued onwards in a good direction for myself.


I’m very eclectic, learning from various paths/traditions but in the early days have been particularly influenced by journeywork and astral work, along with the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids whose teachings reflect well with island living in a place full of nature and wildlife. From OBOD I learned to make an 'astral sacred grove', and from someone I'd consider a mentor, Sorita d'Este, how to build and work in an astral temple, both of these which have become vital in my practice. I’m also very influenced by history; the ancient cultures and their practices.

Being half Slavic, (my remaining ethnicity is a real mixed bag, but a pretty large portion is English/Scottish & Swedish) I recently became interested in researching pagan practices in that part of the world. As well I have a tiny line into the Pennsylvania Dutch community where I learned about a book called "The Long Lost Friend" which sparked an interest in folk magic from various places. I more recently started learning Hoodoo and then found myself on the path of Obeah, both surprising developments but ones that have felt quite right. I spend a lot of time reflecting on paths and traditions. I think I have always yearned for an ancestral cultural path but being a Canadian, born on colonized land with no true ancestral land of my own, and of parents of mixed heritages - how does one satisfy this yearning? 

I made the acquaintance of Hekate while doing journeywork initially and while having no clue who she was at first.  After these initial meetings, I finished reading a book by Emily Carding and noticed in her author’s blurb it stated she was part of something called ‘The Covenant of Hekate’ (CoH). This is what I mean by synchronicities! I did the Rite of the Red Cord and joined the Covenant on August 20th, 2013. In the following years I participated in many roles before taking a sabbatical to process the grief of losing my sweet horse companion. Around the same time one of our beloved cats died as well, leaving an even larger hole. A few years back I stepped into a new role with the CoH and in winter 2020 became the editor of the newsletter, Noumenia News, which I am having real fun with as well as learning so much. I recently became a Keybearer in 2022 with this pledge and hence, the creation of this site...

“I Lotus ______, hold the key to Hekate & Nature, specifically Animals & the Cosmos, within the Circle of Keybearers.”

"With this key I will look deeper into the historical references of Hekate and Nature, focusing especially on Her Animals. As well as sharing my research and reflections, I will incorporate that information into modern times to foster growing a connection with Nature though Hekate and vice versa. Ways to do this will include things such as written pieces on shapeshifting, meditation doorways, hymns & rituals, and possibly (hopefully!) a book or two. I also am hoping to make a section of the site for candle devotionals and prayers that devotees can request."

So that is about it! If you actually read all of the above, I'm amazed and grateful! I know I ramble on way too long!

And please feel welcomed to this sanctuary! I've created it in honour of the Goddess, and in service to the CoH and all devotees to Hekate, as well as for a personal creative outlet and a place to muse on things. If it helps anyone out along the way, by comforting them with shared experiences, or helping them deepen their practice with Hekate, than that would be a worthy thing.


My links: 

Would you like to help support the work of the sanctuary and help purchase candles and offerings? You can do so over at Patreon, and it would be most gratefully appreciated. I am also hoping to purchase just the perfect statue for the sanctuary altar:

(The sanctuary itself is virtual but I do have an altar set up in my house of course.)

The Noumenia News archive can be viewed here:


The Covenant of Hekate Sigil created by Sorita d'Este. She created this image long before she had ever stepped foot at Lagina, and when she did visit, she found dozens of 4 spoked wheels such as the ones in her design. These have also been found at Eleusis and though there is much speculation, it is not known their meaning.

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