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Covenant of Hekate Symbol

The Covenant of Hekate Sigil created by Sorita d'Este. She created this image long before she had ever stepped foot at Lagina, and when she did visit, she found dozens of 4 spoked wheels such as the ones in her design. These have also been found at Eleusis and though there is much speculation, it is not known their meaning.

              Application for Membership to the Covenant of Hekate


~ The Covenant of Hekate is a community of people who are united through our passion for the Goddess Hekate, by her many names, in her many forms, and by her many faces.  We are not a spiritual, religious, or magical tradition, instead, we are a collaborative network through which information about both her historical and contemporary worship is shared. ~

The Aims of the CoH:

  1. To establish an international society through which the history and mysteries of the Goddess Hekate, as the Cosmic World Soul, are studied, shared, and experienced;

2. For each member to strive towards fulfilling their full potential in all that they are and all that they aspire towards becoming.


Membership application process:

  • Fill in and submit the q & a form at the bottom of this page. (coming soon, for now, just email me!)

  • Once your q & a form has been received, I will be in contact, and may possibly ask you more questions.

  • If you are successful, you will then be asked to write a devotional hymn and to perform the rite of the devotee.

  • Prepare for the rite of the devotee: which includes getting everything ready for the ritual; deciding which full moon you wish to perform the rite at, and, writing your personal hymn to the Hekate.

  • Perform the Rite of the Devotee at the full moon, and then email the date, place and time, you performed the ritual, as well as a photo of your altar, along with a copy of your hymn to Hekate to me.

  • You will then be given your CoH # and sent a copy of the Rite of the Red Cord (the final part of the membership process) as well as information on how to access the private member only Facebook group. We also have a brand-new website with a member’s only section!

  • You are welcome to join the CoH through this sanctuary without joining the sanctuary, or you may also join the sanctuary as well. You may also join this sanctuary without joining the CoH, see this page.

Recommended Reading List:


Hekate Keys to the Crossroads – Sorita d’Este and David Rankine (2006) Avalonia, UK

Hekate Liminal Rites – Sorita d’Este and David Rankine (2009) Avalonia, UK

Circle for Hekate: Volume I – History and Mythology – Sorita d’Este (2017) Avalonia, UK 

(Hekate: Liminal Rites actually contains an extensive literary timeline for Hekate (its actually a chronological timeline of the texts used in the book, and not all of them contain Hekate), if you would like to get more in-depth with her history in literature.) It is a very good idea, and a respectful one, to become familiar with Hekate in history before building a modern practice.

If you are interested in some heavier reading, I would also recommend these two by Sarah Iles Johnston, Hekate Soteira (1990) Oxford, UK and The Restless Dead (2013) University of California Press, USA. I also recommend The Chaldean Oracles – Translation & commentary by Ruth Majercik (2013) Brill, Netherlands.

Also of interest:

Arcana Mundi: Magic and the Occult in the Greek and Roman worlds: 2nd edition- Georg Luck (2006) John Hopkins University Press, USA

Magic, Witchcraft and Ghosts in the Greek and Roman Worlds 2nd edition – Daniel Ogden (2009) Oxford University Press, USA

Hellenic Polytheism : Household Worship - Christos Pandion Panopoulos  Independent Publishing Platform 2014 (If you are drawn to Hellenistic devotion.)

I also recommend Thracian Magic: Past & Present– Georgi Mishev (2012) Avalonia, UK.  Georgi is a wealth of information relating back to Thrace and the Mystery Cults.

If you are interested in Theurgy: Living Theurgy: A Course in Iamblichus’ Philosophy, Theology and Theurgy, Avalonia 2014 and Theurgist's Book of Hours 2021, both by Jeffery S. Kupperman.


Evensongs for Hekate: Poetry Hymns and Prayers by Sara Croft is a lovely and genuine volume of devotional material. 

And finally, I recommend both of Mat Auryn's books. He is not only a lovely human being, but a very talented writer and witch. These books are not on Hekate but full of helpful information for accessing and fine-tuning your own abilities.

- Psychic Witch 

- Mastering Magick



There are of course a wide range of other books available on this fascinating goddess that look at her from differing perspectives and offer many ways of working with her. While it is recommended that you read and learn from as many different sources as possible for a wider perspective, please don’t feel obligated to read every single thing and take every course you come across! It can become really overwhelming as there is so much modern material out there now. It’s my own opinion that most important is being firmly rooted in Hekate’s history by learning about it, and then growing your practice from there with Her directly. Of course, many modern books and courses can help you if you feel you are floundering in how to establish a relationship and devotion.. 

The archive of the Covenant of Hekate's newsletter Noumenia News can be viewed here:

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