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The Sacred Grounds of Hekate Potnia Theron are now live!


We are very excited and we hope that this landscape will be somewhere that many devotees will enjoy and come to use regularly in their own practices!  

 When I first created this sanctuary, I started it with the idea of creating a large astral landscape, knowing it would be a crucial aspect to what I wanted to do with the sanctuary. Being a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD) has been a huge influence in my practice with Hekate and was the impetus for my practice as a devotee of Hekate to become based within the Sacred Grove, something which I first created during an exercise in the OBOD. The idea germinated for many months until I met Sara, who also is a member of the OBOD and it was thrilling to find how her own practice reflected mine, as well as we instantly got along like a house on fire! Inspiring and encouraging each other, the project has finally been able to come to fruition! 

 As Sara is on the road to becoming a Torchbearer with the Covenant of Hekate (CoH), our initial project joined up with a CoH TB Meditation Bootcamp Project she was leading there, and thus we received several contributions and much assistance!   

We wish to thank Diana, Catherine and Anne for their written contributions, and we also wish to thank Simoni for the incredible map she created for the space. It’s gorgeous! And huge thanks to David who created for us a servitor, as the Keeper of the Grounds and Priestess of the Temple.   

We also wish to thank the folks that first joined the sanctuary Discord, back before there was even much content on the site! Thank you so much for your faith and trust!   

We have discovered that there are many other devotees in the world that practice Druidry, or, simply wish to practice in a very land-based and spirit-based way; connecting their practice to the land they are on and to the local spirits, and we will be providing a lot more information and instruction about that as we go.  If you wish to join us on this path, you can do it privately on your own if you prefer, starting with the landscape visualisations, or you can join our sanctuary inner sanctum which is over on Discord. 

We also have a Patreon where we will be sharing more of our work and guiding others on this path - which will eventually be gathered into a first-year program of study. For myself personally, this has been the first time I found myself in a practice I felt truly at home in, and I hope to reach others looking for the same.  If you would like to join our Discord, please send us an email and share about the experience when you first encountered Hekate, what your practice looks like, and why you want to join the sanctuary. 

Please go here to see the landscape and access the visualisations:




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